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  • Potassium Methoxysalicylate

  • 포타슘메톡시살리실레이트

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Action: Prevention or Treatment of Hyperpigmentary Disorders Solubility: Free in Water

Application: Skin Whitening after sun exposure Hich efficiency: 3% usage in formula 4MSK is a water-soluble compound that has a history of being used in Japanese whitening products Research has shwon that this product has been effective in whitening and softening the skin

Potassium methoxy salicylate can inhibit melanin inhibition , Inhibiting Tyrosine Kinase activity,making the skin smooth and whitening.

● High safe and light stable,no irritation.
● High compatibility ,it is easily soluble in water,can compatible surfactant in formulation.

Application: Whitening, Anti-oxidant,Anti-wrinkles.